Buildings and Infrastructure - Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change (BIVUAC)

Primary objective of the BIVUAC project is to develop a model that displays the relationships between inherent adaptive capacity in existing and future built environment including water/sewerage infrastructure, present climate load situations and expected climate loads according to selected climate scenarios.

Secondary objectives are:

  • Map vulnerability and adaptive capacity in a selection of buildings and water/sewerage/floodwater infrastructure cases, in order to pinpoint indicator for climate robustness
  • Establish the combined uncertainty in both "nature" and "society" related aspects to develop climate change adaptation strategies aiming at the building sector
  • Suggest measures for decision support, to increase the robustness in urban on rural-town built environment and water/sewerage infrastructure from different periods of time
  • Knowledge dissemination of project results to specific target groups, incl. educational purposes
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