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The Norwegian Research Centre on Sustainable Climate Change Adaptation (Noradapt) was established in Sogndal, in 2018 and is managed by Western Norway Research Institute. The centre aims to offer research-based answers to society’s needs in the face of a changing climate. Importantly, the centre emphasizes sustainability in its approach to climate change adaptation, promoting solely adaptation measures that do not conflict with the goal of sustainable development.

Noradapt consists of several scientific partners, including Center for International Climate Research (CICERO)Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET)Norwegian Research Centre (NORCE)Nordland Research InstituteSINTEF CommunityNorwegian University of Science and Technology (Department of Geography) and Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. Noradapt is managed by Professor Carlo Aall at Western Norway Research Institute. To read more about Noradapt, please visit the centre’s website.

In the Norwegian context, Western Norway Research Institute was a pioneer in carrying out research on how society could respond to climate change through adaptation measures. Since 2005, we have cooperated with municipalities, private and public enterprises, various organizations and national authorities to ensure that climate change adaptation is conducted on a sound scientific basis. WNRI’s scientific contribution is social science-based, but we work in close cooperation with climate experts in the natural sciences.

Our research on local vulnerability to the consequences of climate change, we have moved into the realm of preparedness and societal security. In 2015-17, WNRI produced a collection of popular articles on various aspects of climate change adaptation for publication on the national web portal for climate change adaptation. Also, the institute has been selected in connection with a number of major calls by KS FoU in this field of research.

Key regional partners include The County Governor of VestlandSogn og Fjordane County MunicipalityInnovation Norway - Sogn og FjordaneKS Sogn og FjordaneThe National Public Roads Administration’s Western RegionThe Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate’s Western RegionThe Norwegian Glacier Museum & Ulltveit-Moe Climate Centre, and Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL). Since 2016, this regional partnership has organized an annual, national conference in Sogndal on climate change adaptation.




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    A short-length art film launched on 23 September touches on the feeling that something about our climate has irrevocably changed. The film, entitled «Hvítr», is directed and filmed by Johan Wildhagen and features original music by his daughter, the artist Fay Wildhagen.

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    The world was at a tipping point in several ways even before coronavirus – so where do we go from here? Author and professor Dag O. Hessen will be one of the main speakers at this year's #Klimaomstilling, co-organised by Western Norway Research Institute, which will take place online on 23 September 2020.

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    Noradapt, a national research centre for climate change adaptation led by Western Norway Research Institute, was intended to contribute to this year's Technoport conference. The event brings more than 700 participants together to address how deep technology can help us build a more climate resilient society. Unfortunately, the conference was cancelled to prevent the spread of the corona virus in Norway.

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    The UNCHAIN project was presented at a start-up meeting for all projects which have received funding from the latest ERANET AXIS call.

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    Climate change makes it more difficult to grow food in large parts of the world, forcing farmers to adapt to new weather patterns. This is a common case for the Development Fund and Noradapt, as a recent meeting test with Vestlandsforsking to become better acquainted and consider future cooperation.

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    The international research project Unchain seeks to develop a novel approach to the prevention of climate-related disasters and gradual change afflicting society in various ways. Researchers from seven countries were represented at the kick-off meeting in Vienna this week.