Strategic Information for the Development of Agricultural Quality

The objective of the project is to provide strategic information for the development of quality products in European Mountain areas. The project will therefore aim at making this strategic information available by means of studies and then disseminate it mainly to development actors in the mountain areas but also to other beneficiaries who can have a role in this development.

The analysis should result in a better targeting of the development strategy of mountain products and will make them more cometitive. In addition, improvements should be facilitated in the following fields: The use by producers of the community instruments for the certification of products in mountain areas; The instruments themselves which will be used to develop the quality of products. The underlying objective is to lead mountain producers to a common “culture” in terms of quality food-stuffs.

The scientific and technological achievements have been identified in 3 main Axes (tasks): -To identify specific features and quality criteria which could define mountain quality products (Axe 1) -To analyse and compare the different quality development strategies for mountain producst (Axe 2) -To analyse the differences and the common points of regulations, e.g. in terms of label and certification systems (Axe 3)

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