Digital Age in Rural and Remote Areas (DARRA)

The objective of DARRA project is to decrease the digital divide in remote and rural areas among the partner regions, throuth boosting the usage of ICT by SMEs and the publis sector, and improve the overall regional competitiveness.  DARRA capitalises on the findings of BIRRA project. The digital divide is a handicap inter- and intra-regionally and one indicator of a region's perpherality.

DARRA project will develop a vision of year 2013 with regard to how ICT influence life styles in peripheral areas and/or sparsely populated regions. This vision will be a guide to developing ICT strategies in peripheral regions. The e-Ladder model which was developed in BIRRA will be used for this purpose by the partner regions, taking one step forward in selected domains of the e-Ladder. This means very concrete steps in regional ICT development. The actions in this project will lead to raised awareness and ICT uptake among SMEs and the public sector. Participating regions are Lapland and Kainuu in Finland, Västernorrland in Sweden, Sogn og Fjordane in Norway, Donegal in North Ireland (UK) and Mid West Region in Ireland.

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