Youth-Barometer Sogn og Fjordane 2006

The Youth Barometer for Sogn og Fjordane is a survey at Second grade High-School students at vocational courses, and third grade students  at general study courses.

The survey has two objectives: First, to collect information and knowledge about Sogn og Fjordane's younger populaltion segments. This includes the effort to gauge their attitudes and choices, focusing mainly on the issures of education, work-market and migration.

The second objective of the project is to inform them, and reise awareness aobut what a future in Sogn og Fjordane may hold for them. The youth barometer is by now a yearly event, and hopefully this will also include a qualitative oriented design. The purpose is to go in depth of the respondents attitudes, and to more precisely gain knowledge of Stryn vgs. effort to establish an entrepreneurail attitude among the schools students. 

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