Ocean acidification and the seafood industry in Western Norway: state of knowledge and the potential for action

Much knowledge exists about the nature of climate change in Norway, how this in turn can affect nature and society and how to adapt to climate change. Norway is in the forefront in the world in several areas of knowledge that are essential in this context, and several of the relevant research environments are to be found in Western Norway - namely Uni Research department of Uni Air (the study of climate change and marine environments), Institute of Marine Research (effects of climate change on the marine environment) and Western Norway Research Institute (climate change adaptation).

In this project we will combine knowledge from these three research institutes to illuminate a subject that so far has experienced surprisingly little advancement in climate research and climate policy, namely the topic of climate change and ocean acidification and the question of how to adapt to problems ocean acidification may cause.

The project will be implemented in three work packages (WP). In WP1, each of the three partner institutions will summarize current knowledge and point out relevant issues for a main project within their field of research. WP2 will include a two-day workshop in Bergen for the entire research group, with invited representatives from business and government. The seminar will review the report from WP1 and identify knowledge gaps that could be covered within the framework of a possible main project.

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