Nordic climate change adaptation research network - NORDCLAD-Net Prosjekt

As the climate is changing, society has to prepare for new and partly unknown future conditions - society will have to adapt. NORDCLAD-Net is a concerted effort to bring out the best from Nordic research on adaptation to climate change.

Based on funding from NordForsk in its TFI Network initiative Effect Studies and Adaptation to Climate Change , the network will organize two major conferences and offer training to young researchers.

The first conference will be held in Stockholm on 8-10 November 2010. Its theme will be Climate adaptation in the Nordic countries – science, policy and practice.

The second conference, planned for 2012 in Finland, will address gaps in our knowledge and the need for new approaches across academic disciplines.

Plans for research training include a PhD course in connection with the Stockholm conference in 2010, a research school in Norway and a young professional's forum in Denmark in 2011, and a workshop in 2012 in connection with the Finland conference.

Project period: 2010-2013.

Stockholm Environment Institute
MILEN (Miljøendringer og bærekraftig energi), Oslo University
The National Environmental Institute (NERI) and the Coordination Unit for Research in Climate (KFT) (Denmark)
Western Norway Research Institute
The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)

Annika E. Nilsson, SEI (network coordination)
Johanna Ulmanen, SEI (Stockholm 2010 conference, organization)
Richard J.T. Klein, SEI (Stockholm 2010 conference, scientific content)
Monica Guillen, MILEN (PhD course and research school)
Carlo Aall (Research school)
Svend Binnerup (Young professionals' forum, Denmark 2011)
Tim Carter, SYKE (Finland 2012 conference)

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