Kunnskapsgrunnlag Nærøyfjorden Verdsarvpark

The aim of this project is to give input to the process related to Nærøyfjorden World Heritage Park. The Park have an ambitious aim and seek to reach these among other by involving existing organisations, business and public sector authorities in a strategiv network. The Park or the network will not take over tasks or functions from existing organisations, but aim to be a catalyst in the process.

At the same time the Park experience difficulties in building a common "Park-identity" that can strengthen the community feeling. Having such an identity is and prerequisite for the realisation of the aim. Most of the organisations focus on own needs and profile own offers rather than working together as a larger community.

This duality; realisation of an aim through established organisasions while at the same time being dependent on a common aim or vision, is the overall challenge. This is the starting point for this work, which will sum up experiences from previous efforts in the area, and relate these to theoretical and empirical experiences described in the literature. The project will conclude by outlining organisational moves which both focus on the common aim and the needs and usefulness of the individual organisations involved.

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