Centre for Geotourism and Sustainable Development Research

The official opening of the newly-established Research Centre on Geotourism and Sustainable Tourism in Sogndal took place on 3 May 2007. A research seminar held in connection with the opening ceremony featured Norwegian as well as international speakers.

Western Norway Research Institute and Sogn og Fjordane University College are the formal founders of the Centre, a main objective being to obtain new insight into how more active use of natural and cultural resources may form the basis for increased value added in Norwegian the tourism sector and – at the same time - how to make tourism more sustainable. Terms such as ecotourism , sustainable tourism , quality tourism and geotourism will be pivotal in this work.

Objectives and fields of competence
The Centre aims to build national and international top-level competence within research and development on geotourism. The latter, the basis of which is natural and cultural resources, draws on the concept of sustainable development. Ultimately, the Centre hopes to employ ten full-time researchers, whose primary areas of research will include:

• Sustainable tourism
• Nature and cultural heritage as a basis for experience tourism
• Rural tourism
• Destination development and participatory tourism planning
• Tourism policy and commercial organisation

Program from the official opening

Scientific Advisory Board

Related web-pages at Sogn og Fjordane University College:

Contacts at  Vestlandsforsking:

R esearcher Carlo Aall, e-mail: carlo.all@vestforsk.no
Research coordinator Stefan Gossling, e-mail: stefan.gossling@vestforsk.no
Managing Director Agnes Landstad, e-mail: agnes.landstad@vestforsk.no

Contacts at Sogn og Fjordane University College:

Assistant Professor Ståle Brandshaug (reiseliv) stale.brandshaug@hisf.no
Associate Professor Leif Hauge (naturfag) leif.hauge@hisf.no