Climate change and the future of Norwegian ski industry

Janaur 2019
Current Issues in Tourism

The results from the sub-project on climate and winter tourism in the Regional Tourism Research Program for Sogn og Fjordane are now published in a scientific article in the journal "Current Issues in Tourism". Natural snow conditions and the conditions for artificial snow production have been analyzed for 110 Norwegian ski resorts. A considerable shortening of the ski season in projected as early as the 2030s for the half of ski areas that currently lack snowmaking. Naturally snow reliable ski areas decline from approximately half in the 2030s to a third in the 2050s. With snowmaking, ski season losses are substantially reduced and the majority of ski areas remain snow reliable until the end of the twenty-first century in a lower emission future. A substantial shortening of the ski season (up to 40 days) nonetheless begins in the 2050s under a high emission scenario. The need to invest in snowmaking will continue to increase, with attendant financial and sustainability implications. The differential climate risk among five regions of Norway and the European Alps is also discussed.