Pilot project for development of a methodology for assessing the sum effects of infrastructure development in outlying areas

Naturmangfoldsloven has introduced a requirement to consider the sum effects of infrastructure development on biodiversity through § 10. It is unclear how the requirements described above will be implemented in practice and on how knowledge from such analyzes can be handled in nature management.

The purpose of this project is therefore:

  1. Summarizing our knowledge internationally and nationally when it comes to analyzing and managing the natural resource management sum effects of technical intervention in nature,
  2. formulate recommendations about how to practice the present requirement that applies to analyze the sum effects of technical interventions in nature and how to manage this knowledge in natural resource management - with interventions related to development of renewable energy as an example, and
  3. identify possible financing for a possible major project to illuminate the knowledge gaps identified through this pilot project, and possibly develop a major project application.


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