Investment in ICT as a learning tool

Vestlandsforsking participate in the project as the secretariat for IT-forum and member of the working group IT -forum OU. Hyllestad municipality is the project owner on behalf of the IT-forum OU consortium.

IT forum upbringing and education (IT-forum OU) is a unique interdisciplinary collaboration across the school sector levels. ITFOU consists of resource persons from all regional councils, county governor, county municipality, the university college and Vestlandsforsking. The working group has previously successfully completed a large digital joint effort funded by public sector. Our mandate is to be a driving force for digital education, skill acquisition, development and dialogue in education in the county of Sogn og Fjordane.

Throughout the project period ITFOU is commissioned by the regions to facilitate and be an adviser in the following activities:

  • Further development of the yearly conference
  • Be an active adviser for ICT strategy choices for upbringing and education in the county
  • Facilitate information and expertise / refills throughout the year
  • A forum for ICT initiative where all regions and participatory parties in the county will promote their most important issues within the sector
  • Dialogue across the training and education sector regarding ICT.
  • Increased activity in various relevant forums in the county from ITFOU
  • Strengthen a unique role in sharing best practices and problem-solving across the sector through openness and information about best practices

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