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    Researcher Svein Ølnes and professor Arild Jansen, University of Oslo, have written the paper "The nature of public e-services and their quality dimensions" published in Government Information Quarterly vol. 33, issue 4.

  • Emergency management has become a problem for authorities across the world because the frequency of disasters such as floods, landslides, earthquakes, and even riots have considerably have increased.

  • Norstella, a foundation for e-Business and trade procedures, arranged a conference on blockchain technology 26th of October. Researcher Svein Ølnes was invited to talk about the potential of Bitcoin and blockchain technology in public sector.

  • The book is written by professor Rajendra Akerkar from Vestlandsforsking and Dr Priti Srinivas Sajja from Sardar Patel University, India

  • We are delighted that delegates from about 30 countries joined us for the 3rd International Adventure Tourism Conference 22–26 November in Sogndal, close to fjords and glaciers, with opportunities for activities containing both culture, nature and physical activities. In other words: world class adventure tourism.

  • The conference will be held in Sogndal 22 - 26 November 2014. The conference is directed at academics, industry participants and other interested parties within nature and experience-based turism and outdoor recreation.

  • Konferansen blir i år arrangert på Sunnfjord hotel 1. - 2. oktober. Årets tema:Kreativt fylke?

  • Recent technology allows for the collection of massive volumes of data. The challenge of transforming these data into valuable and actionable information is an activity known as big data (or data science). These datasets are not only huge, but complex, including unstructured, heterogeneous data, image, video, human language, and hence entirely innovative approaches are needed to handle them.

    Vestlandsforsking specializes in the utilising of big data and semantic science for data integration, analysis and process management.

  • The Norwegian conference on payments, Betalingsformidling 2014, was arranged in Trondheim 4. and 5. of March and researcher Svein Ølnes was invited to speak about Bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin kan visa seg å bli ein alvorleg utfordrar til dei dominerande betalingssystema på nettet i dag. Det bør interessera både myndigheiter og finansinstitusjonar, skriv Svein Ølnes i ein kronikk på nettsida