Keynote presentation about Bitcoin and blockchain technology at eGov 2017

"Svein Ølnes St. Petersburg"
Svein Ølnes i aksjon på konferansen i St. Petersburg. Foto: Arild Jansen

Researcher Svein Ølnes held the keynote presentation at this year's eGov conference in St. Petersburg, Russia.


The conference was held at the ITMO University from 4th to 7th of September. The main reason for being asked to give a keynote was the research Ølnes has done in this field and the growing interest for blockchain technology also in public sector and eGovernment research.

eGov/ePart is a yearly scientific conference where the research papers are published in Springer's Lecture Notes in Computer Science. The conference is hosted by different universities around Europe, and the ITMO University in St. Petersburg was this year's host.

In addition to the keynote presentation Svein Ølnes also presented the paper ""Blockchain Technology as a Support Infrastructure for e-Government" together with co-author, professor emeritus Arild Jansen at the University of Oslo.

Links to the presentations:

"Bitcoin and blockchain in eGovernment" (

"Blockchain Technology as a Support Infrastructure in e-Government" (