Linux motorbike

Robert Engels, who holds a position as a scientific adviser at Vestlandsforsking, has two great passions: semantic technologies and motorbikes. He now tries to combine these two in his Linux-enabled motorbike!

Robert has been working for some years to develop the first electrified heavy motorbike in Norway, and has succeeded. His prototype is the first certified electric motorbike in Norway and it has already travelled more than 100 miles.

In addition to developing the first electrified heavy motorbike Robert has also managed to use knowledge and skills from his other main occupation: ICT and semantic technologies. The motorbike is thus equipped with a computer running a Linux OS (Ubuntu). The dashboard is not an ordinary dashboard but rather a terminal to the processor. The touch screen lets the driver interact with the computer. The motorbike has also got wireless communication and in addition to recording mileage, temperature, time etc. the driver has the ability to annotate the world he/she drives through.

The owner can also follow his/her motorbike via the web to see what condition the bike's in (charging status ++).

Robert showed his prototype at the eSkills Week exhibition in Oslo this week, and the ICT news site did an interview (unfortunately both the interview and the story is only in Norwegian).