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  • Modellbilde av ViteMeir

    Vestlandforsking has assembled a working group of researchers who will contribute to the development of subject content at the new science center ViteMeir at Kaupanger.
    - The researchers here work on many topics that are both highly relevant and suitable for installations and practical experiences with ViteMeir, says Anders-Johan Almås, CEO.

  • Fem personer samtaler rundt et bord

    When the world-leading energy researcher Professor Benjamin Sovacool was appointed by Western Research, according to the research leader, it was as great as if Sogndal football had signed Ronaldo. This week saw the younger researchers in particular benefit from Sovacool's unique experience as a writer and publisher. They are very satisfied.

  • Konferansedeltakarar ser på skjerm

    175 schoolchildren from all over the county received many answers when IT-forum invited a conference in Loen on November 12-13. Can a good digital study technique eliminate or marginalize different learning difficulties? How can technology increase inclusion? How can a physical adventure game combining elements from the computer game world and the reality offer both an educational and exciting experience?

  • Unchain map partners

    A new method makes it easier to analyze climate risk together with people from the local communities and to find measures that can reduce the risk. Western Norway Research Institute will lead an EU project where local knowledge and residents are also invited to participate in the analysis work.

  • Axis

    The UNCHAIN project was presented at a start-up meeting for all projects which have received funding from the latest ERANET AXIS call.

  • Menneske saman i konferanserom

    Climate change makes it more difficult to grow food in large parts of the world, forcing farmers to adapt to new weather patterns. This is a common case for the Development Fund and Noradapt, as a recent meeting test with Vestlandsforsking to become better acquainted and consider future cooperation.

  • Stefan Gøssling

    While phrases like "shame of flight" are spreading among most people in Scandinavia, new research shows that a growing global elite flight many thousands more times than average. Professor Stefan Gössling has collected travel data from ten of the biggest celebrities on his social media and calculated climate impacts.

  • Gruppe bokbytur

    The Norwegian Book Town in Fjærland has the potential to become an international destination in the future, say the researchers at Western Norway Research Institute. In August, together with the key persons of Norwegian Book Town in Fjærland, they went to visit other book towns in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands to share knowledge and inspiration.

  • Foto av prosjektdeltakarar

    The international research project Unchain seeks to develop a novel approach to the prevention of climate-related disasters and gradual change afflicting society in various ways. Researchers from seven countries were represented at the kick-off meeting in Vienna this week.

  • LeMo møte-deltagere, september 2019

    The fifth general meeting of the EU project "Leveraging Big Data for Managing Transport Operations" (LeMO) was held in Sogndal on September 5th and 6th, organized by Western Norway Research Institute.

  • Foto

    Carlo Aall at Western Norway Research Institute has guest-edited a special issue of the journal "Sustainability" discussing various aspects of overtourism and sustainable urban tourism.

  •, part of the "Kunnskap kryssar grenser" project recently got itself a proper logo. We needed it fast, during the summer vacation, and thus decided to try the 99designs crowdsourcing service. Here are some tips if you'd like to try.

  • Vestlandsforsking ved forskingsleiar Carlo Aall og Høgskulen i Oslo ved professor Karl Georg Høyer deltok som assosierte partnarar under opninga av The Nordic Centre of Excellence NORD-STAR (Nordic Strategic Adaptation Research).

  • The WIMS'11 Conference is about to start and the keynotes will be streamed.

  • Vestlandsforsking, Sogndal is hosting the 1st International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics (WIMS’11) at Quality Hotel Sogndal from May 25 to 27, 2011. Inaugural keynote address will be delivered by Professor Jim Hendler, Director of the Web Science Research Initiative (WSRI, USA). Hendler helps lead the Tetherless World Constellation on increasing access to information at any time and place without the need for a “tether” to a specific computer or device.

  • The Western Norway Research Institute and the Sogn and Fjordane University College have three scholarships available for doctoral-, or post-doctoral studies in fields relating to; renewable energy, energy consumption, innovation and regional development.

  • The aim of the seminar is to discuss strategies for reducing toxic exhaust emissions, improving combustion and decreasing fuel consumption. The seminar brings together experts on exhaust emissions analysis, fuel properties, pre-treatment and additive technologies. Transport operators will present their perspectives. There will be discussions on research needs and funding. The seminar will be streamed live on this web page.

  • The WIMS '11 Conference arranged by Vestlandsforsking May 25-27 has recieved a lot of high quality papers. Registration is now open both for authors presenting accepted papers and for anyone else that wishes to attend the conference.

  • Vestlandsforsking held i februar eit testkurs for personar som skal lære andre om lokal tilpassing til klimaendringar. Kurset er det første i sitt slag i Norden.

  • Western Norway Research Institute organised a parallel session on climate adaptation at a Norwegian conference on societal safety and security on 3 January 2011.