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  • Ung mann med mygg/mikrofon står framfor eit lerret med grafar og kart på

    A new service called Norwegian Climate Monitor was launched on 13 December 2021 in Sogndal. The purpose of the initiative is to collect and share new data on climate change adaptation from all parts of society. "This is an important contribution to Norwegian society" says Carlo Aall, the Head of Noradapt. "Bot research and governance are impatient to learn how far climate adaptation measures have come. Unfortunately, our data show that the pace remains too slow", says Aall.

  • Smilande, langhåra kvinne i raud cardigan med bygardar i bakgrunnen og blå himmel

    From January 2022 on, WNRI's Director will be Anne Karin Hamre, the former County Governor of Sogn og Fjordane. Hamre is currently a Director General in the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation. "I am looking forward to leading a robust and expanding researh institute, says Hamre.

  • Kvinne i grå genser og rosa skjerf talar til forsamling

    Noradapt, a national research centre on climate change adaptation led by WNRI, etablished an international Scientific Advisory Board this month. The board includes five international top scientists in the field of climate change adaptation. The board is led by Sirkku Juhola, Professor of Urban Environmental Policy at the University of Helsinki.

  • mann på 40 framfor skilt med logoen til Vestlandsforsking

    "I would like to be so bold as to claim this is one of the most varied and interesting positions available if you wish to work with and for research in Norway", says Anders-Johan Almås, the current Managing Director of Western Norway Research Institute. This autumn he is leaving his position at WNRI after just two years, in spite of satisfactory achievements and highly pleased staff members.

  • Portrett av mann med skjorte og briller ute

    The IPCC recently reported that the extreme weather we expected to see in future years is already a fact and that things are going to get worse. "It is time to realise that we will not be able to reduce emissions through technology and move on to plan B", says climate researcher and Professor Carlo Aall at Western Norway Research Institute.

  • Mann framfor uteplass ved høgskulebygg

    With an international career in research, 16 scientific book titles and a large network stretching across the globe, Rajendra Akerkar is one of Sogndal's academic stars. The Big Data Professor is currently working to recruit young researchers to his field of research, as two positions are open this summer in the field of big data and innovation in regional businesses.

  • To jenter som ser ut som studentar, ser på ein teknisk modell med ryggen til kamera.

    Researchers at Western Norway Research Institute have conducted an evaluation of "Girls and Technology", a programme intended to inspire more girls to choose an education within technology and science. The report was commissioned by The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufdir).

  • Ung mann på veranda med fjell og bygd bak seg, ser i kamera

    A new, collaborative forum has been established to address research and innovation issues in Vestland county. A key goal is to promote and strengthen research which stimulates R&D linked to innovation and sustainability.

  • ""

    This book offers a practical guide to artificial intelligence (AI) techniques that are used in business.

  • ""

    The third LeMO project meeting was held in Sogndal, Norway on the 19th to 21st of June 2018.

  • Conference

    Vestlandsforsking presented 3 papers at the Second Nordic Challenge conference arranged by the Centre for Nordic Studies (CENS), University of Helsinki, running between 7‒9 March 2018.

  • News

    We have successfully completed the first two-days LeMO project board workshop on “Setting the Stage on Big Data in Transportation” at Frankfurt Big Data Lab from 22-23 January 2018.

  • Styret for regionalt Forskingsfond på vestlandet har tildelt Vestlandsforsking kr. 200 000 til et forprosjekt for å se på hvordan klimaendringer og klimapolitikk kan påvirke vestlandsjordbruket.

  • Vestlandsforsking is 25 years and we are celebrating this by offering a series of seminars on semantic technologies. The series starts Thursday 11th of Nov and will continue until June 2011. All seminars will be streamed and the video will also be available for download afterwards. More information about the dates for the seminars in 2011 will follow later. The topics to be presented in 2011 are also subject to changes.
    We would like to thank Difi, the Resource network for e-Government (Verdikt) and ABM Utvikling for sponsoring this series. The seminars will be held in English.

  • Clim-ATIC invited to its international project conference in Florø, Norway, 26-27 October 2010. It was streamed live here at

  • Food is an integral part of tourism, but there is seldom a focus on
    how food can affect the sustainability of the tourism sector.

  • The conference” ISO 15926 and Semantic Technologies” took place in Sogndal September 9. – 10.

  • In the weeks to come, we will publish podcasts on local adaptation to climate change.

  • Vestlandsforsking participated recently at the Nano2010 conference in Clemson, USA, where a large number of participants contributed with presentations of their work on nanoparticles in the environment.